-Mary Davis


Alter Herb consists of a group of young people. You can find us in a small but beautiful village called Sveti Štefan where we experiment with innovative forms of farming and gathering. We follow the rules of permaculture, a philosophy of working with, rather than against nature. Therefore we can preserve the natural habitat and consequently the Earth’s future. Although we are farmers, our focus is on gathering herbs and forest fruits from which we create our amazing and unique KRAFT products which are charged by the pure power of wilderness.


You can find us on a farm in the heart of Kozjansko at an altitude of 460 m, where in collaboration with the wilderness we carry out our mission. At our farm, we strive to keep every bit of the soil as wild as possible. Because of this, we have chosen a permaculture method of planting, which means that trees, shrubs, vegetables, herbs and medicinal plants are intertwined on the same surface. We also do not use any fertilizers to keep our crops as primary as possible. Alter Herb kraft products therefore have an extremely high energy value and quality that can only be obtained in collaboration with the universe and wilderness.

Our work is driven by the wilderness or in the broadest context the universe, therefore we follow all of their rules. This is especially important for our gathering part, because we have to know exactly at which time we can pick each herb or flower so that it contains the highest possible amount of essential oils and healing value. We gather and dry in sunny weather when the gifts of the wilderness have the highest energy value. Therefore, it is especially important to us that we pick our herbs far away from cities, roads and polluted areas. Oh, there’s one more thing: we gather only the best parts of the herbs and plants, because we can – unlike intensive farming methods.

Our gathering locations

  • Smrekovec
  • Velika planina
  • Gozdnik / Mrzlica
  • Nanos
  • Slavnik
  • Lisca
  • Pohorje
  • Sv. Štefan
  • Trebuša
  • Logarska dolina
  • Goriška brda

Some perks of gathering: some might call us crazy but really it’s a way of life. It’s not just something we do to make a profit, but mostly we do it for our souls from our hearts. There fore every of our craft products is filled with love and positive energy, which we provide with our manual labor. We can work with the wilderness on a daily basis, spend every day with mother nature, and learn a lot from her. You can always work on yourself, discover something new, and ultimately discover your country, which you normally wouldn’t. And Slovenia gives us so much because of its diverse ground structure.

But Alter Herb is not only a way of life, it’s also a retreat from the modern consumer world, in which we are poisoned for profit. In this context, our products can offer something more of a higher value with the power of wilderness.